What we do:

  • General agricultural, horticultural, commercial and industrial installations and maintenance.
  • Design, build, install and commission switchboards for various applications.
  • Measure, record and analyze electrical consumption and quality.
  • Calculate Power Factor and design and install PF correction units.
  • Build, install and commission generators (manual or AMF).
  • We work all over South Africa and have participated in projects in Botswana, Namibia, DRC and Tanzania.
  • Official Netafimâ„¢ Automation agents.
  • Alternative Energy

We specialise in:

    • Greenhouses - Design, install electrical system and distribution boards.
    • Boilers and under soil heating.
    • Cold- / storage- / growing rooms.
    • Artificial lighting.
    • Pump stations and booster pumps.
    • Automation.
    • Pivot repairs and maintenance.
    • Packing sheds grading and production lines.
    • Step-up / Step-down transformers (3 300 / 400 Volt).
    • VSD and soft starter control for pumps, fans, conveyors.
    • Grain silos - design, install electrical system and distribution boards - Conveyor belts, sweepers, augers, fans and elevators.
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